Domestic Assistance... assistance with domestic chores

Domestic Assistance

Domestic Assistance offers assistance with domestic chores, including assistance with cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing and ironing, in order to maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for our consumers.

Services Available

Essential cleaning is offered across all areas that are regularly used by our consumer within their own home.

These include:

  • bathrooms
  • toilets
  • kitchens
  • laundries
  • living areas and bedrooms.

Support workers undertake tasks such as cleaning stoves tops, wiping down bench tops and inside fridges as well as vacuuming or mopping floors, dusting, dishwashing, changing bed linen, washing, drying and doing essential ironing.

The provision of a range of services are available to meet the entire support needs of individual consumers requiring Domestic Assistance. Please call our office to discuss your needs in detail.

Cancellation of Service. Please ensure that 24 hours notice is given should you need to cancel a Domestic Assistance service, otherwise a cancellation fee may apply.