Social SupportShopping, social outings ... plus much more

Shopping Assistance

What the Service Offers

Shopping Assistance

If you are no longer able to do your own shopping on your own, we can organise a volunteer who will either:

  • Pick you up and take you shopping. They will assist you with your grocery shopping etc and then take you home again; or
  • They can do your shopping for you if you are unable to leave your home because you are unable to while recovering from an injury or illness.

Social Outings

If you are becoming house bound and tired of watching television etc, we hold on average of two social outings on Mondays, each month. They are usually held on a Monday. We pick you up from home and drop you home when the outing is over. Paid workers and occasionally some volunteers accompany you and act as your hosts and helpers.

The types of outings are varied. Some of the outings we have done include:

  • Movies and lunch at Rose Point Cinema
  • Buttai Barn Xmas in July lunch and entertainment
  • Drive to Dungog and lunch at Carriageway Resort
  • Mercy Heritage Convent tour and lunch
  • Singleton Bowling Club concerts and lunch
  • Maitland Gaol tour and lunch at East Maitland Bowling Club
  • Historic Tram tour of Newcastle and lunch
  • Dolphin Cruise at Nelson Bay
  • Bus to Newcastle every 4th Monday of each month for shopping etc.

To use this service you must register with us on our social outing list. The cost of outings range between $10 and $30.

Men’s Social Group:

Men’s Group Outings twice a month to venues that interest Male . It is primarily driven by the groups own wishes.

Companionship Visiting

Companionship Visiting:

If you are house bound or feeling lonely, one of our volunteers can visit you, take you out for a cup of coffee, take you for a walk, or just have a cuppa and a chat with you in your own home.

Assistance with Form Filling in:

One of our Co-ordinators will come out and assist you with completing forms if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Confusion in understanding the form
  • Difficulty writing
  • Difficulty reading the form

Sewing Service

A Sewing service is now available for MINOR sewing adjustments. The CWA ladies will mend/alter your garment for a gold coin donation. The garments can be dropped off at our office and, when repaired, the staff will phone you to collect your items.


Social Outing:

The fees vary according to the type of outing. The fees generally range from $10 to $30.

Companionship Visiting:

There is no fee for this service. It is a free service.

Assist You to Find Appropriate Social / Recreational Activities and Group in our Community:

There is no fee for this service. It is a free service.

All Other Services:

The fees for all our other services are charged by the hour. The cost is $3 per hour